our Tasty Selection of Beers

Colour Style Alcohol
Saturday Night Light Cream Ale 5.3%
Valley Girl Very-Light Wheat Ale 5.5%
Impact Altbier Amber Altbier 5.2%
Shatter Cone Deep Golden India Pale Ale 5.5%
Black Rock Dark Cascadian 6.6%
Stack '72 Copper Imperial IPA 9%
Les Portes de L'Enfer Golden Amber Biere de garde 8%
Seasonal Prices & styles vary. Please contact us for our seasonal selection.
Prices do not include HST or initial bottle purchase.

Bottle Refill Service

We’ve changed our deposit/return system. We had to ask ourselves, what business are we in? The fact is, we're in the beer making business, not the bottle cleaning business. Here’s how it works now; when you purchase a Round or Growler, the cost of the bottle is included. That means you own it. When you come back, bring your clean bottle and we will refill it on the spot, without the cost of the bottle.

Initial Bottle Purchase Fee

$6 Growlers / $4 Boston Round

Where to Buy


Our showroom in Sudbury has a great selection of beer for purchase. We have 'by the glass' sampling and can accomodate groups for special events and tastings.

We're located at:

1350 Kelly Lake Road,

Sudbury, ON P3E 5P4

Photo of Stack Showroom

On Tap & by the Bottle

Each of the locations below carry our fine brew.

Hardrock42 Gastropub

117 Elm Street

Sudbury, ON

Laughing Buddha

194 Elgin Street

Sudbury, ON


113 Durham Street

Sudbury, ON

Red Lobster

1600 Lasalle Boulevard

Sudbury, ON

Little Montreal

182 Elgin St

Sudbury, ON

Oscar's Grill

86 Durham St

Sudbury, ON

DynamYc Family Restaurant

224 Station Rd

Espanola, ON

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

1396 Kingsway

Sudbury, ON

Pizza Hut

470 Barrydowne, 121 Loachs, & 4544 Old Highway 69

Sudbury, ON

Don's Pizzeria & Spaghetti Restaurant

707 Lorne St

Sudbury, ON

Red Dog Grill

Whitefish Falls, ON

C'est What

67 Front Street East

Toronto, ON

Jube’s Bar & Grill

39 Balsam

Sudbury, ON

Tucos Taco Lounge

582 Kathleen St

Sudbury, ON

Overtime Sports Bar and Grill

941 Notre Dame Ave

Sudbury, ON

Station Tap House & Steak Co.

603 McIntrye St. East

North Bay, ON

Breakwater Taphouse

2212 Sleeping Giant Parkway

Thunder Bay, ON


1544 Regent St,

Sudbury, ON

The Dog House

212 Romanet Lane

Sudbury, ON

Centro Sports Bar & Restaurant

260 Elizabeth St,

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Zante's Bar & Grill


Temiskaming Shores, ON

Ferrigan's Pub

20 Birch St,

Garson, ON

Townehouse Tavern

206 Elgin Street

Sudbury, ON


5 Cedar Street

Sudbury, ON

Pat & Mario's

1463 Lasalle Boulevard

Sudbury, ON

Crazy Horse Tavern

3560 Errington Ave

Chelmsford, ON

Loplops Gallery & Lounge

651 Queen East

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Raven & Republic

246 First Ave W

North Bay, ON

Bavarian Inn

9181 Highway 17

Bruce Mines, ON

FireSide Classic Grill

14-A Oakland Blvd.

Elliot Lake, ON

Buoys Waterfront Eatery

1 Purvis Drive

Gore Bay, ON

M.I.C. Sudbury

200 Falconbridge Road

Sudbury, ON

Lavigne Tavern

Ontario 64

Lavigne, ON

The Moose Cookhouse

134 Main Street East

North Bay, ON

St. Louis Bar and Grill

1835 Regent Street, Sudbury, ON

5003 Old Highway 69, Hanmer, ON

Red Lion Smokehouse

28 Cumberland Street South

Thunder Bay, ON

The Foundry Pub

242 Red River Rd

Thunder Bay, ON

Peddlers Pub

63 Cedar St

Sudbury, ON

Solo Trattoria

250 Queen St E

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

The Rhino Bar & Grill

1249 Queen St W,

Toronto, ON

Bridges Bistro

390 Elgin St,

Sudbury, ON

Anchor Inn

1 Water St W

Little Current, ON

My Thai Palace

893 Notre Dame Ave / 2037 Long Lake Rd,

Sudbury, ON

Rose Apple

1543 Paris St,

Sudbury, ON


Stack Group Portrait

We're A fun loving, beer loving, gang.

In the beginning:

Stack Brewing is being launched right here in Sudbury, Ontario. The idea came about by Shawn Mailloux and Michael Guillemette - fans of good beer, born and raised right here in the Nickel City. After years of drinking beers that were not quite right for them and their friends, they decided to brew a beer that would appeal to casual and seasoned beer drinkers alike.

We're a small operation with big hearts, smiles and ideas. We're growing our team and our production! We've had an overwhelming demand of Stack Beer, and are always trying to grow to meet this demand. As we expand, we'll continue to offer excellent tasting beer at a reasonable price.

Shawn Mailloux,
Teacher/Entrepeneur–owner of Stack Brewing

Shawn's academic background might be in sciences and education, but this man knows beer and people!

Shawn was born and raised in Sudbury, but has lived in London and Edmonton before returning to Sudbury. He is a Biology and Chemistry teacher with the Rainbow Public School, and divides his time between the new buisness (Stack) and his family (wife and two school aged children).

Michael Guillemette, Handsome Brewer

Beginning with simple Beer box kits, Michael, born and raised in Sudbury, ON, has progressed to more intricate all-grain and "from scratch" brewing. Research and experimentation of historic beers has led to success of some of the world's oldest, finest and most difficult styles. Michael loves to create new and exciting flavour profiles as well as introduce international and historic styles.

Rob Majury, Sales/ Cellarman

Rob is a graduate of Advertising/Marketing from Cambrian College. He has worked in the non-profit sector for the past several years with the United Way. Rob just recently moved back home to Sudbury and started working with Stack.

As the Brewery Assistant, Rob works on all aspects of beer production, packaging, and distribution. He can often be found up in the retail store selling beer and making dirty jokes.

Stack ’72 (Imperial IPA): 9% ABV

Officially fired up in 1972, the Superstack that graces Sudbury’s landscape is the tallest chimney in Canada. In honour of the smoking barrel, we have brewed this medium bodied Imperial India Pale Ale that pours a deep copper colour. Intense hop flavour and aroma are balanced nicely by clean malt sweetness and strong alcohol content.

Valley Girl: 5.3% ABV

A traditional German style Wheat beer. The large quantity of malted wheat used provides a sturdy base to showcase the citris fruit character of the yeast.

Saturday Night: 5.5% ABV

The Cream Ale style hails from prohibition era America. Barley was carefully guarded due to it's use in beer production, so brewers found new sources of fermentable sugars like corn and rice.This all-grain version gets it's sweetness from caramelized, alted barley. Pours golden straw yellow and is smooth and thirst quenching.

Shatter Cone (IPA): 5.5% ABV

Apollo astronauts came to Sudbury in the 70's to study shatter cones, a rare rock formation found in impact craters. This golden-yellow, 55 IBU sessionable India Pale Ale is made for easy drinking but with enough hops to remind you it’s still an IPA. Shatter Cone has a refreshingly crisp mouth feel that will take you to the moon and back.

Impact Alt: 5.2% ABV

This altbier, German for “old-beer”, predates the 16th century. Copper-coloured with a creamy head and aromatic hop presence.  Pleasant malt flavours complimented by a dry finish that will leave you ready for the next sip.

Les Portes De L'Enfer: 8.5% ABV

Originally brewed in Belgian and French farmhouses nearly 600 years ago, this Biere de Garde (beer for keeping) was traditionally brewed in the spring with a high alcohol content to last the summer without refrigeration. Pours a deep amber colour with pleasant caramel notes accompanied with a little warming on the palate from the alcohol.

Black Rock: 6.6% ABV

A meeting between the stout and IPA styles. This medium bodied ale pours black and showcases both roasted malt character and intense hop flavour. Strong chocolate, coffee and molasses flavours from roasted barley allows this beer to pair well with rich desserts and chocolates.

Double Chocolate Stout: 6.5% ABV

A rich dark chocolate flavour and aroma complemented by raosted malt producing a deliciously dark stout with a smooth mouthfeel and just enough bitterness to get you through the long winter nights.

Spiced Winter Warmer: 7% ABV

A smooth amber ale brewed with a combination of 4 holiday spices produces a truly festive beer for the season. At 7%ABV, a glass or two will warm you up enough to take on any winter night in Sudbury.

The Photo Challenge

Share your favourite place to enjoy Stack Beer. It could be on a beach, at a restaurant, or simply at a backyard BBQ. What matters is that everyone is having fun. We'll make it part of our website photo slideshow, and we'll give you credit.

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Brewery & Showroom Location

1350 Kelly Lake Road,

Sudbury, ON P3E 5P4

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11am – 7pm

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